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pokemon diamond rom

Pokemon Diamond Rom is also an easy to play with Pokemon game and the gameplay is similar to the old version of mobile Pokemon games. A participant takes the role of Pokemon coach goes in search for wild Pokemon to capture and train. Once a wild Pokemon is captured, the trainer trains the Pokemon and competes at the gym with other Pokemon. By winning the battle, the winner gets match points and rewards which could be used to upgrade the abilities of the Pokemon and level up the experience factors.

A trainer can possess six Pokemon in his squad. A trainer can choose any Pokemon from his stock to construct a solid Pokemon squad. A coach can take his group of Pokemon and total tasks or challenge other players to combat. A trainer must have the experience and skills to choose his Pokemon against other player's squad. Each Pokemon has different ability and using their ability skillfully can conquer any strong Pokemon.

Like any Pokemon game, Pokemon Diamond Rom primary aim is to capture wild Pokemon, train it and battle it with other Pokemon. But in pokemon diamond rom variant, the game story is much more exciting as the Player has his ex-best buddy, Barry, as his arch-rival. The participant has to face Barry and attempt to conquer him by building a strong force of Pokemon. The participant must capture wild Pokemon and educated to learn their skills. Each Pokemon has a special ability that the player needs to know how and when to use it through conflicts. To find additional details on pokemon diamond rom please look at Pokemon Diamond Rom is an enjoyable and adventurous match to enjoy. In this newest version, the player's arch-rival is Barry who was the best friend of this player. In Pokemon Diamond Rom version, the player has to fight their Pokemon with other Pokemon to make more rewards and match xp. Capturing Pokemon of other players isn't simple; however, it is possible to swap Pokemon with other players too. Capturing exotic and wild Pokemon and constructing the strongest Pokemon squad is your main objective of the sport.

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